Essential Considerations When Buying a Hospital Bed for Your Home

Essential Considerations When Buying a Hospital Bed for Your Home

Hospital beds come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and sizes to cater to the diverse needs of patients, whether they are in a hospital or at home. It is crucial to carefully consider the bed features that closely align with the requirements of your loved ones.


However, selecting the right hospital bed and adaptive bedroom equipment can be an overwhelming task. In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential features to consider when purchasing a hospital bed, ensuring you make an informed decision. 


Manual or Electric Hospital Bed

Hospital beds can be categorized as totally manual, semi-electric, or fully electric, depending on how the bed's position can be adjusted. A manual hospital bed typically includes cranks to adjust the mattress platform's height and position.

However, this manual adjustment can be challenging, particularly if your loved one requires frequent repositioning. On the upside, manual hospital beds are more affordable.

In contrast, electric hospital beds offer greater flexibility and require less physical labor. With a simple push of a button, you can effortlessly adjust the bed to the desired position. This feature is especially useful for individuals who don't require extensive height adjustability but need regular foot and head repositioning.


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Side Rail & Grab Bar Options


Full-length side rails, when used with pads, provide protection against seizure injuries for your loved ones. Grab bars and half-length side rails offer support while repositioning individuals in bed and keep essential items like remote controls within easy reach.


They also enhance stability when getting in and out of bed. To ensure safety, it is crucial to securely fasten side rails and grab bars to the bed frame. 


Size & Weight Capacity

When choosing a hospital bed for your loved one, weight capacity is a critical consideration. Exceeding the weight limit can lead to severe injuries if the bed frame collapses.


Bariatric beds are specifically designed to safely support up to 750 pounds and provide a width of up to 48 inches. These beds are ideal for accommodating larger individuals comfortably.


The increased weight capacity and width also allow family members to stay in bed with their loved ones, offering the opportunity to provide support or relax together.


Important Features to Consider Before Purchasing a Hospital Bed


Temporary vs. Permanent

Consider the duration of care required. For extended periods or if your loved one spends more than 15 hours a day in bed, a full-electric home hospital bed provides long-term comfort and durability, while minimizing physical strain for caregivers.


Although more expensive, these beds offer greater independence for patients. On the other hand, manual and semi-electric beds require more caregiver effort and are more suitable for short-term use.


Mobility of the Patient

The patient's mobility level significantly influences the choice of a home hospital bed. As mentioned earlier, highly adjustable beds (electric or semi-electric) are best suited for individuals who are unsteady on their feet, at risk of falling during transfers, unable to reposition themselves without assistance, and require adjustable height for safe entry and exit from the bed.


However, if a patient can independently get in and out of bed and maintain stability while standing, a highly adjustable bed may not be necessary.



We understand that the thought of redesigning your bedroom, replacing your comfortable furniture with medical equipment, can be overwhelming. Accepting the need for a hospital bed for your loved one is already challenging, and ensuring their comfort becomes paramount.


At Sheer Mobility, we take pride in offering an ever-evolving range of high-quality and affordable mobility products and assistive devices. We recognise the difficulty in finding the right item at the right price among the wide equipment options available. That's why our comprehensive customer service team is dedicated to making your choices easier. Trust Sheer Mobility to provide the perfect hospital bed solution for your loved one's needs.

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