Top Tips for Maintaining Your Power Wheelchair and Enhancing Longevity

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Power Wheelchair and Enhancing Longevity

Maintaining your power wheelchair is essential for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. To help you keep your mobile scooter in excellent condition, we've compiled a list of tips that you can easily incorporate into your regular maintenance routine. Follow these guidelines to enhance the lifespan of your power wheelchair: 


1. Regular Cleaning 

Make it a habit to clean your mobile scooter frequently. Regularly wash off dirt, mud, and dust to protect its functionality and preserve its appearance. Keep your power wheelchair away from water to prevent electrical faults and rust. A dry and clean scooter will serve you better in the long run. 


2. Protect from the Elements 

When encountering rain, seek shelter or use a protective cover to shield your power chair. Protective covers not only safeguard against rain but also keep dust and dirt at bay. By protecting your wheelchair from the elements, you minimize potential damage and extend its lifespan. 


3. Battery Care

Proper battery maintenance is crucial. Charge your wheelchair's batteries regularly, regardless of usage, to maximize their lifespan. Remember to turn off the controller while charging to preserve the control unit, which is often the costliest component. Avoid leaving the batteries uncharged for extended periods as they may deteriorate. Ensure your power wheelchair is adequately charged before embarking on any journey to avoid running out of power halfway. 


4. Tyre Maintenance 

Different types of tyres are available for mobile scooters, each with its advantages and maintenance needs:

  • Pneumatic Tyres: These tyres offer a smooth ride but are prone to punctures. Regularly inspect them for punctures and signs of wear and tear. Some punctures can be repaired without replacing the entire tyre.
  • Solid Tyres: Solid tyres cannot be punctured, providing added durability. While they offer a bumpier ride, they are more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Filled Tyres: These tyres are a combination of pneumatic and solid tyres, offering excellent shock absorption and virtually being puncture-proof.
  • Deep Tread Tyres: Opt for deep tread tyres for improved grip and stability on various terrains, including slopes and curbs.


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By maintaining your power wheelchair's tyres, you ensure safe and reliable mobility.

In conclusion, power wheelchairs and mobility scooters offer invaluable convenience and independence to individuals with limited mobility. To protect your investment, it's crucial to implement proper maintenance practices. Reach out to us today to learn more about maintaining your power wheelchair and explore our range of high-quality mobility solutions.


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