Mastering the Proper Use of an Electric Wheelchair: Essential Tips for Optimal Performance

Mastering the Proper Use of an Electric Wheelchair: Essential Tips for Optimal Performance

If you've recently acquired an electric wheelchair and are eager to hit the town with newfound independence, it's crucial to understand the proper techniques for using it effectively and safely.


Just like any device, knowing how to utilize it correctly ensures that you get the most out of your electric wheelchair. Here, we provide you with 5 essential tips on how to properly use an electric wheelchair:


Tip 1

Charge your electric wheelchair batteries Power is key, and a fully charged battery ensures optimal performance. Before each use, make sure your electric wheelchair's batteries are fully charged. This not only prevents excessive battery drainage but also gives you peace of mind during longer trips. Most wheelchairs require approximately 6-8 hours for a full charge. Remember to charge your wheelchair regularly and avoid completely draining the batteries to extend their lifespan.


Tip 2

Fasten your seat belt Prioritize safety at all times! Never operate an electric wheelchair without fastening the seat belt. The seat belt is a vital safety feature designed to protect you from accidental falls and ensure secure use of the wheelchair.


Tip 3

Master the art of folding Understanding how to properly fold an electric wheelchair is essential, particularly for travel purposes. Familiarize yourself with the folding mechanism of your wheelchair to facilitate convenient transportation and storage.


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Tip 4

Keep your feet on the footplate For your safety and comfort, always keep your feet on the footplate while the electric wheelchair is in motion. Dangling your feet can increase the risk of unnecessary foot injuries. Avoid exerting excessive pressure on the foot pads to prevent the wheelchair from unexpectedly lunging backward.


Tip 5

Gain control of your electric wheelchair Most electric wheelchairs are controlled using a joystick or handle. Start by setting your controller to the minimum speed until you become comfortable with how your wheelchair handles. If the slowest speed setting still feels too fast for your comfort, reach out to your supplier to adjust the controller programming and decrease the speed further.


Investing in an electric wheelchair not only enhances mobility but also significantly improves the user's quality of life. For more information on electric wheelchairs and to explore the options available, don't hesitate to contact us today OR BUY YOUR NEW POWER WHEELCHAIR HERE


By following these guidelines, you can confidently navigate the world with your electric wheelchair, experiencing newfound freedom and independence.

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